Juvenile Defense

     Minors (those under age 18) often make mistakes that can change their lives forever. No parent wants his or her child to face jail time, juvenile detention, probation, a criminal record, or other harsh punishment. Whether your child has been accused of school delinquency, theft, DUI, a sex crime, drug possession, vandalism, or any criminal offense, it is critical to his or her future to consult with a juvenile defense lawyer who is committed to securing the best possible outcome. 

     Although most criminal acts allegedly committed by juveniles are prosecuted in juvenile and domestic relations district court, depending on the seriousness of the offense and other factors, a juvenile may be tried as an adult, which means he/she could face the same harsh punishment an adult in the same situation would face. As a juvenile defense lawyer, Jonathan believes that every teen deserves a second chance, and should not have his or her future potentially ruined because of an error in judgment.